Manila Wrestling Federation Delivers Fun Tricks and Treats in MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Manila Wrestling Federation – the hottest and fastest-rising live entertainment spectacle in Metro Manila – continues its unique blend of athleticism and #AksyoNovela storytelling into its next major live presentation, “MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling”, to be held at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, Quezon City on October 28, Sunday. Gates open at 5:00 pm.

Offering more of its highly entertaining and action-packed brand this month, MWF promises surprises and thrills that will have you at the edge of your seats and screaming for more.

Fresh from a victory over his mentor, Singapore wrestling star “The Eurasion Dragon”, the “Pride of Sagada” Mr. Lucha has waged war against “Mr. Philippine Wrestling” Jake De Leon from Philippine Wrestling Revolution – PWR. This heated rivalry leads to a historic cross-promotional 3-on-3 elimination tag team match with the “Motor City Angel” Chris Panzer and “Wrestling Lord and Savior” John Sebastian.

With all the emotional and physical destruction Mr. Lucha has recently caused in MWF, will he, along with his partners and former friends Robin Sane and Ninja Ryujin, be able to defend MWF’s pride in this grand showdown?

The heart-pounding MWF Championship Tournament continues with the final four: the brash and obnoxious Morgan Vaughn takes on the street bully Fabio Makisig, as the high-flying Robin Sane goes head-to-head with the ruthless and vicious “Danger” Rex Lawin. Who among these men will be the first-ever MWF Champion?

As an added attraction, a wild and eccentric cinematic adventure titled “Sagot Kita 5: Stryke, Rattle and Roll” will premiere at the event, starring MWF’s resident action hero Gigz Stryker and his trusty sidekick RG.

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The Tragic Case of Jorelle – Part 2 (w/ Moises Liwanag)

#ManilaVerse Files: A few hours after her disappearance, the woman we now know as Jorelle visited the office of Moises Liwanag, leader of the cult-like church known as “Bahay ng Liwanag”, who she saw evangelizing on television.

Join us, mga #KapaFED, in exploring the mystery of the Liwanags at @MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling, happening on Octo ber 28, 5PM, at the UP Bahay ng Alumni.

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Ninja Ryujin’s Thoughts on Team MWF vs. Team PWR at Todos Los Wrestling


What are Ninja Ryujin’s thoughts about the Main Event Elimination Tag Match pitting himself, Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha vs. Philippine Wrestling Revolution – PWR‘s Jake De Leon, Chris Panzer and John Sebastian? Choose your side, mga #KapaFEDat #RevoNation sa MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling (Oct. 28, UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, QC, 5 PM)!

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#MakingWrestlingFun with MWF Wrestling #AksyoNovela

Mr. Lucha Finds His Partners Against Team PWR at MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling


Who are Mr. Lucha’s partners against Philippine Wrestling Revolution – PWR‘s Jake De Leon, Chris Panzer and John Sebastian? Will they be solid enough to defend MWF’s reputation at MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling (Oct. 28, UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, QC, 5 PM)?

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#MakingWrestlingFun with MWF Wrestling #AksyoNovela

Sagot Kita 4: Okay Ka, Stryker Ko // Starring Gigz Stryker and Elora Españo


MWF’s resident action hero, Gigz Stryker, finds himself in a sci-fi dream while trying to find Geenah (Elora Españo), the woman at his favorite eatery who suddenly disappeared. Who is behind these mysterious, sinister events?
Mga #KapaFED! Abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa buhay ni Gigz Stryker sa pagpapatuloy ng MWF Wrestling #AksyoNovela, sa “MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling” (5 PM, October 28, UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, QC)
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Special thanks to The Saber Sentry for our awesome lightsabers!
Gigz Stryker as himself
Elora Españo as Geenah
Coach Gus Queens as GusTroopers
Hanzello Shilva as Taong Lobo
Morgan Vaughn as Darth Glitch
Fabio Makisig as himself
RG as himself
Liway Gabo as Neneng
Screenplay by Llermo Gil
Music by Llermo Gil
Cinematography by Miggy Hilario
Directed by Juan Tarobal

The Tragic Case of Jorelle – Part 1

** WARNING: Video contains images and sounds depicting domestic violence and abuse **

#ManilaVerse Files: On October 11, 2014, a middle-aged man was found stabbed to his death in his Mandaluyong residence. His then-pregnant wife disappeared the night of the crime, never to be found again.

What other mysteries surround the woman only known as Jorelle? Find out more about her and the “Bahay ng Liwanag” at MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling on October 28, 2018, at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. Buy or reserve your tickets now, mga #KapaFED:

MWF vs. PWR: First Official Cross-Promotional Tag Team Match at MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling

[A Milestone In Philippine Wrestling History] The first official cross-promotional elimination tag team match between the Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) and Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) will happen at MWF 5: Todos Los Wrestling (October 28, 6 PM, Sunday, UP Bahay ng Alumni)! PWR co-owner John Sebastian teams up with Chris Panzer and “Mr. Philippine Wrestling” Jake De Leon against Mr. Lucha and two partners of his choice. Who will make up Team MWF? Stay tuned, mga #KapaFED!