On Championships and Dream Matches [No Curtains Needed #1]

By William Elvin Manzano


Hello, KapaFEDs! I welcome you to the first-ever “No Curtains Needed”, where I — your ever-approachable and ever-patient MWF Creative Director — answer any question you throw at me every week!

Basically, it’s just like that Curious Cat thing. But I like writing long sentences, so I’ll answer all your questions here for all the world to see.

A curious cat that got amused.

Mark De Joya, also known as MDJ, of Smark Henry Wrestling News asks:

When will we finally be blessed with a MWF Championship?

We are already in talks with the one who will design and make our championship belt(s), so it could happen anytime soon. However, like anything else in entertainment and fiction, I say the real issue here is when and how an MWF championship title should debut.

See, the thing we’re avoiding is having a championship title just for the sake of having one, or just because all federations are supposed to have one. Being old-school-minded wrestling bookers, we want to introduce a championship title when it is ABSOLUTELY needed and ABSOLUTELY essential to do so. The last thing we need is one more belt that doesn’t mean anything – and actually just muddles things up – in the Southeast Asian wrestling scene.

The introduction of a championship, just like anything else we plan to do, would require a little bit more patience and trust from you, beloved fans of our product. We promise that when we finally unveil that belt, we would do our best to make it special.

Orville Brown, recognized as the first NWA World Heavyweight Champion in 1948.

Ritz Sy asks:

Will there be a set of South East Asian championship titles implemented in the future, and being defended within the region?

Before I got deeply involved with MWF creative early this year, one of the things I wanted to try was to introduce a special Southeast Asian belt that could be defended all over the region, and could maybe be won and later defended in Manila or here in Hong Kong. Well, before I even got to plan that out, MWF came calling. And now, we’re all here.

Continuing the conversation from MDJ’s question, if MWF is to introduce a Southeast Asian title, it has to be genuinely fought over by wrestlers across all the region, and not just a token given to my friends and people I like. It has to be run like the old NWA World title, and that would need a lot of politics and diplomacy and stress and headaches and more coffee-induced migraines.

Carlo Agoncillo asks:

Will we see SPW or MYPW stars like Alexis Lee, Emman Noorazman and the Statement in a future MWF show? If yes what dream matches would you like to see?

We have a great working relationship with Singapore Pro Wrestling, and Kenneth ‘The Eurasian Dragon’ Thexeira is main-eventing MWF 1: Kasaysayan with Mr. Lucha as his tag partner against Robin Sane and Ho Ho Lun. In 2016, MWF was fortunate enough to have had “The Statement” Andruew Tang and Alexis Lee at HistoryCon, also with the Eurasian Dragon. So, if we were able to get them to be part of our shows before, I don’t see why it couldn’t happen again. And with our Southeast Asian friendships, I don’t see why MYPW would be out of reach.

Regarding dream matches involving SPW/MYPW talent, “The Statement” Andruew Tang vs. Hong Kong’s King Michael has always been a dream match for me to book. In fact, I have the whole thing mapped in my head, from build-up angles to the match itself. Oh, and if you’re not familiar with King Michael, you probably should take a look at him right now…

I’m an Alexis Lee fan too, having seen her work a number of times here in Hong Kong. If she’s available, I’d book her in any match against anyone anytime.

But the one match I really dream of booking here in the Philippines is a one-on-one match between Ho Ho Lun and fellow WWE Cruiserweight Classic participant Jason Lee, who is now working in Dragon Gate. Not only was I fortunate enough to see that match live here in HK, just a week before the CWC debuted in the WWE Network, but I was also lucky to have been dangerously close to the action at ringside with a camera.

That’s it for this week! Please send me more of your questions – about anything and everything – at the MWF Insider Online FB group, or send me an e-mail: hda.williamelvin@gmail.com! I promise to answer them all.

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