That’s not PG!… Ay… Wait… [Tarek’s Take #3]

By Tarek El Tayech


Sooooooooo… MWF ‘went PG’, mga kapaFED… YES! The rumors are true! I kid, really I do. In light of Commissioner Mike Shannon’s nostalgic article earlier in the week, I wanted to take a look at new management’s decision and how that affects the Manilaverse we’re hoping you all fall in love with.

When the directive came down from new management, it was met with a bit of hesitance, all around. Internally, not everyone was thrilled, to say the least. Some thought it would be restrictive. Others believed it would hinder or restrict character growth/development. A few were worried that the storylines would not be as interesting.

Those fears eventually faded, as the group came to understand how freeing it all actually is, thanks to all the fantastic work being put in by the Creative, and Training departments respectively. The reason, I believe, why rules matter is that the everyday person might not be equipped to deal with the freedoms of choice that life has to offer. When parameters are set, when boundaries enforced, when focus is narrowed… it makes it easier for a person to keep track of all that is happening in one’s surroundings.

Now understanding that, the aforementioned departments had the unenviable task of honing the roster’s talents in a short span of time. They went about instilling the guidelines needed for the roster to be able to perform optimally, for the enjoyment of the fans in attendance. It was a concerted effort to continually adapt to the new rules (#SupDuaLipa #TitoTarekIsHipYo) set in place, and I’ve seen firsthand the struggles everyone has had to deal with, all to give our audiences an ever-improving show each time out.

Speaking of audiences, new management’s ticketing scheme hopefully gives you an idea as to their mindset when it comes to how seriously they want to give more kids watching in attendance an opportunity to become the next Mike Shannon – just a wide eyed kid in the audience watching something spectacular and being injected with the incurable virus that is professional wrestling.

Cause whatever type, style, genre, presentation, parental guide rating we all love the art of pro wrasslin’. It’s a parasite that hooks itself in your brain and never lets go.

So, why not hook ’em young? 😁


Lastly, I’d love to give my hot take on MWF Creative Director’s William Elvin Manzano’s well-received piece that went out midweek but since we are only weeks away from Kasaysayan, I’d rather keep all me eyes looking forward. I am salivating at the thought of that main event and all that might happen, the implications now that Ho Ho has championship gold around his waist again… what does that mean for this monumental main event? How will it change all the dynamics of each team’s partnerships? Will, and can, egos be set aside for the good of each respective team? AND THAT’S JUST THE MAIN EVENT!

Next week, I take an in-depth look at each match and give you my thoughts on what’s going down April 8, 2018, Elements @ Centris. MWF 1: Kasaysayan is shaping up to be a doozy of an event! ‘Til next week, mga kapaFEDS! Ingat po!

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