Lessons from History… on a Pole Match [No Curtains Needed #4]

By William Elvin Manzano

Hope you’re all having a great mid-week, mga #KapaFED! We are 12 days away from “MWF 1: Kasaysayan”, and I can’t wait to be home in Manila for a while to watch the show unfold, see familiar faces/old friends and most of all, to see all you fans who I never get to meet as much as I would love to.

Before I answer your questions today, I would first like to thank many of you for the appreciative words we have received regarding last week’s column, where we laid out my recollections about the early days of PWR up to my departure. Unfortunately, and perhaps understandably so, a few people have misconstrued it as a “hit piece”, or an attack to some individuals involved. It was never meant to attack or put people in a bad light, and as I have said, we’ve all changed and hopefully grown out of many of the mistakes we did. More importantly, its real intention is to acknowledge that painful bit of our scene’s history, so that we may learn from it and move forward.

And, we’re ready to move forward! Let’s answer some questions now.

Maow Del Rosario: Who are William Elvin’s top 5 favorite wrestlers in the local wrestling scene?

I’m excluding MWF wrestlers in this list, because it’s my actual job to give my thoughts on all of them within our company.

Also, this list is actually my “Most Interesting Characters/Gimmicks that I Would Love to Try Writing For Given A Chance” list. I’m not commenting on in-ring work, because it’s not my area of expertise.

In no particular order, of course:


Because it is a progressive character with lots of storytelling possibilities, Martivo is one that would be  fun and inspiring to write for.


I think a very good thing that PWR is putting her over as a serious contender, and being the first one to really establish herself as a Philippine women’s wrestling pioneer (all respect due to Crystal’s rival Robynn too) gives a wrestling booker so much material to work from.

Rederick Mahaba

Rederick Mahaba cuts great promos. Nothing to be surprised about that one. When given great stories and material, he can take stuff to great heights with his mic talent.


His whole look-and-attitude package is a great addition to any roster, and it is a dream for any wrestling booker to have someone like that to work with.

Classical Bryan Leo

With all the history behind Bryan Leo, his story is one that basically writes itself. In a perfect scenario, when somehow the opportunity to work with CBL again presents itself, his mic skills and presence would definitely open up lots of doors for great storytelling.

Carlo Agoncillo: How did you find AOWW genesis? Will we see a future collaboration between MWF and AOWW?

I can’t give any comment because I wasn’t able to see the show, except for the clips and highlights being shared. I’m happy for everyone involved, and I look forward to their next shows.

Will there be a future collaboration between us and AOWW? I don’t know. Nothing is certain. Hopefully, it happens.

Mark Datiles May training na po ba ?😊

I believe we’ll be accepting new trainees on April 8. That’s not an official announcement, but we’re getting there.

Christopher Sandico Pepper: In honor of Terry Taylor’s gimmick: Who is your favorite fan? And why is it me?

To brighten up your day, Christopher, I will say that you are my favorite fan. The universe just whispered your name to me in my sleep one night.

But sincerely, thank you for your support and interest for our product. We hope to see you in our shows every time. This goes out to all of you.

Martin Vicencio Thoughts on the “*insert item* on a pole match” match variation? How do you think such a match like that can be executed perfectly?

It’s just a shame that pole matches have been associated with the hokey-ness of Vince Russo’s post-WWF booking, but one of the matches that affected me most as a kid was Mankind vs. The Rock in a “Pink Slip on a Pole” match from a December 1999 episode of Raw, where the two competitors’ jobs were on the line. The Rock beat Mankind in this match, implying that Mankind was going to be fired from the WWF.

Mick Foley is my favorite wrestler of all time, and as a fat and ugly kid who got his fair share of ridicule and bullying, I really connected with the Mankind character. I also hated The Rock so much, regardless if he was face or heel, because he reminded me of the pretty boy bullies at school.

This just goes to show that when the characters and stories connect to your audience, no matter how strange the match stipulation may be, amazing results can be produced.

That’s it for this week. Leave me more of your thoughts and questions for next week’s edition! Thank you, and see you all on April 8!

Have a nice day!

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