KasasaYOWN! [Tarek’s Take #4]

By Tarek El Tayech


Kamusta mga kapaFED?! Excited na ba kayo?! Little more than a week, and MWF 1: KASAYSAYAN na!!!

What’s good in da hood this Good Friday? A blessed Holy Week to those who celebrate it. As for me, my religion is wrestling, and sinasamba ko ung card (which is always subject to change; see Morgan, Aldrin, Ninja, Hanzello gosh anlala nun) na ito cause it looks amayzin. It’s gonna slay, as the kids say. #Slaymazin #TitoTarekStrikesAgain



So, kung san man kayo on this holiday, sit back, relax and join me as we take a long at each match on the Kasaysayan card, starting wiiiittthhh:

Aldrin Richards and Hanzello Shilva vs Ashura and Khayle/Kyle/Khyle/Khaeyle Sison

Grabe talaga tong Sison na to. Everytime naguusap kami, laging nagiiba ung spelling ng pangalan nya. Grabe sya. Umayos sya ples. Anyway, that little nomenclature issue aside, this match has a lot of differing personalities involved. Originally, Aldrin was to team up with Morgan, but that proved to be too combustible a pairing so Commish Shannon had to change things up by bringing in ‘The Howling Hunter’ to partner with ‘The Bae City Bruiser’. While this seems a team more likely to coexist, it doesn’t necessarily mean things will be smooth sailing for these two friends. Will there be growing pains for ‘The Bae Wolves’? Will they be able to gel right away? Looking back at their epic battle at Balikbayan, these two certainly gave it their all that night, thus cementing a friendship that sees these two constantly trying to push the other to be better. Hopefully lends itself to tangible tag-team chemistry on the 8th. On the other hand, things have not been as rosy with Mr. Lucha’s students. Still failing to heed the instructions of their mentor, Sison in particular, seems to be having difficulty with the whole ‘work together as a team’ aspect. Sison eliminated his teammate Ashura at Open House: Level UP, and was subsequently dismissed by Lucha and both were sent to the back… after a sermon or two. Can these two come back stronger at Kasaysayan? Will Lucha’s lessons finally stick? Will the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one? Prediction: I am expecting Sison and Ashura to be more united than ever. Aldrin and Hanzello, will put up a hell of a fight. If Kyleshura can somehow negate the athletic advantages of their opponents, they have a chance and given that they have been working together longer, I will be expecting better teamwork this time around. If ‘The Bae Wolves’ click, then the sky is the limit for this team. Can they set aside their egos and work together as a unit? I hope so, but given the ‘do whatever it takes to win’ mentality of the other two, I will give the edge to Ashura and Khayle/Kyle/Khyle/Khaeyle Sison.

Brother Jomar vs Fabio Makisig ‘O Brother, where art thou?’

For those who thought Brother Jomar would flounder after being seemingly abandoned by Moises, think again. Jomar has embraced his new role as the sole progenitor of the House Of Liwanag, and is looking to make Fabio Makisig his first disciple… #MaliwanaganNawaSiFabio. After miraculously having his sight restored at Noche Buena, Jomar is looking to translate that new found vision into strengthening the foundations of the House that Moises built. Jomar is looking to make a statement by blinding the ‘backyard bully’ of MWF with his light. On the other hand, Fabio has never been one to accept his shortcomings. I, personally, have never been a fan of his antics. While his constantly flapping mouth tends to get him into more trouble than it should, he manages to back it up by being one of the more viciously conniving performers MWF has to offer. He is undefeated, after all, and I expect that to remain unchanged… unfortunately. Prediction: Fabio Makisig wins. (Sorry, my bias is showing and while I’m not a fan of his actions, I am aware of his immense talent.) I’m sure Fabio will find some way to weasel his way to another victory as he always does and remain undefeated (put an asterisk next to that 6-0 record ples, he so sketch) I’m hoping Brother Jomar surprises everyone by showing off untapped energies previously hidden to us, to start his reign right. But yea… Fabio’s probably just gonna find someway to sneak out a shady win, cause he lacks integrity. Moving on…

‘The Glitch’ Morgan Vaughn vs Ninja Ryujin
Daldal ni Morgan noh? Kung ano ano sinasabe. Well, his mouth got him into a match with the mysterious Ninja. Ever since it was revealed at Level UP that Ryujin had difficulty verbally communicating, I have been thoroughly impressed with the renewed focus that he has brought to the ring. 2018 seems to be the year where Ninja looks poised to cement his place as one of the threats in MWF that should not be overlooked. Morgan, on the other hand, seems to be spiraling. That kid needs help. He certainly seems to be riding high after his win in the Fatal Four Way (Noche Buena 2017), but this is a ‘what have you done for me lately?’ business, and looking at what he has done lately… Not taking practice seriously, bragging every chance he gets, picking fights… looks like the person behind the mask is just as bad as the mask itself. When I was first brought in, I thought Morgan Vaughn was a decent kid who has lost his way. The longer he seems to be around that mask… The kid needs help, is all I’l say for now. Prediction: Which is why I think a loss here might actually do Morgan Vaughn some good, and bring his ego crashing back down to Earth. Hoping, and looking forward to seeing a Ninja Ryujin win here. Ninja is hungrier, and has more to prove. Never count out Vaughn though… he always has a ‘Glitch’ up his sleeve.
‘Danger’ Rex Lawin w/Life Coach Gus Queens vs ‘The Grunge Grappler’ Frankie Thurteen
This one is gonna hurt. Coming off his win at Open House Level UP, Frankie is looking to carry his momentum over to Kasaysayan and try to derail the runaway freight train that is ‘Danger’ Rex. Good luck. Lawin has entered 2018 with an unmatched vigor and intensity. We saw how he dismantled RG (all credit to RG for his valiant effort defending his alma mater) in his last bout. If Lawin maintains that energy, he is close to unstoppable. Thurteen will have to resort to his unorthodox style to try to throw Lawin off his gameplan. Or he might have to use concrete infused donuts as a secret weapon. Prediction: I’m a fan of the tortured-soul artist Frankie… but ‘Danger’ Rex Lawin scares me more than the monsters under my bed soooo… yea… I pick the Dangerous One.
MAIN EVENT: Mr. Lucha and The Eurasian Dragon vs Robin Sane and Hoho Lun
This promises to be one hell of a main event, and not just because the talent involved, but all the combustible elements that could set off this powder keg. Robin Sane, having just come off a monumental battle royal win at Open House Level UP, has a lot to deal with. Will he be able to get reconcile with his long time friend, Mr. Lucha? I’m sure Mr. Lucha is none too pleased that one of his best friends eliminated him from behind. What will his medal look like? Will it be bagay sa suot nya?! Will he get along with former foe turned friend, former WWE and NXT star, and now current King of Pro Wrestling champion Hoho Lun? Their styles lend themselves to meshing well together, and they certainly will need to utilize every bit of their size advantage against the bigger team of Mr. Lucha and The Eurasian Dragon. For Mr. Lucha, and for Mr. Dragon, they have numerous advantages. Dragon recently won (full name tag team titles) with his partner Mighty Mighty, and so has that tag team championship winning experience. Add in the extra motivation of wanting to usurp Hoho Lun as the top dog in the Southeast Asian scene, and you can expect The Eurasian Dragon to be at his most focused when he steps into that MWF ring. His friendship with Mr. Lucha will help mesh this particular team quicker, which could give these two an additional advantage over their opponents. Mr. Lucha will be looking to bounce back from his elimination at the History Maker Battle Royal with a strong outing here. What Mr. Lucha lacks in accolades and awards, he more than makes up for with innate instincts and talent. Mr. Lucha may be one of the most jovial characters in MWF, but once the bell rings, he brings a focus that is unmatched. Hopefully, he will be faced with less distractions as compared to the battle royal. With Mr. Lucha and The Eurasian Dragon honed in, it’s hard to bet against these two earning a hard-fought victory. Prediction: You can basically flip a coin and pick. There is no wrong answer here. Anyone of these four men can change the outcome of a match in an instant. My mind is telling me to go with Sane and Hoho, but my heart is going with Lucha and Dragon. I’l leave this one open ended.Β #TitoCopsOut
And there you have it! Don’t forget the special world premiere featuring Gigz and RG! That looks like it’s going to be wild!Β 

Kasaysayan is shaping up to be a jam-packed anniversary show, with preshow guests, and possible surprise celebrity guests, this looks to be a show that people will remember for a while… and we are doing our best to give you all the best show possible. So if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, or if you’re still on the fence… stahp. Don’t think. Don’t miss this show. I personally promise you… you will regret it if you do. Nuod na, kapaFED, be like YOLO, wag kang FOMO. (Yehey! Youthspeak!)

Lastly, I’d like to give a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Shoutout to our Graphics Designer Manuel Mesina III! One of the most talented people I know, we are all thrilled to have him be part of the MWFamily. ENJOY YOUR DAY! πŸ˜ƒπŸ»πŸ’°πŸŒΉπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰β€οΈ

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