My Exciting 8 for April 8 [No Curtains Needed #5]

By William Elvin Manzano

Hello, KapaFEDs! It’s the last Wednesday before MWF 1: Kasaysayan. Yes, 4 days to go before we give birth to this hopefully beautiful baby of a wrestling show. It’s been a hell of a ride, one that people in the events and live entertainment industry often experience, especially in the two weeks leading up to opening night. In Dulaang UP, we call this period the “hell week”, and I thank God he made me an atheist, so this is the only hell I am worried about in my life. :p

Alright, let’s get on with it. Here are the 8 things I am most excited about for our April 8 presentation of MWF 1: Kasaysayan!

  1. Working with the whole MWF talent roster in person

Due to my being away from the Motherland, I have only collaborated with many of the MWF boys and girls through Facebook chats and in our roster threads. I have met most of them in person, some of them from way back in the early PWR days, and some of the newer members in that Jollibee meeting in July last year. I am also fortunate to have closely worked with the non-wrestling talent roster in my theatre run before this – Tarek El Tayech, Sig Pecho, Kathrina Paula – and the addition of talented wrestling enthusiasts Sonny Go and Tristan Creed makes the experience much more invigorating.

When I started putting creative ideas together with Commissioner Mike (CM) and the new MWF management, I just instantly felt that discussing their characters with the roster were some of the most wonderful creative moments of my career. It’s just so awesome to be able to help develop their artistic ideas, and I can’t wait to be in the venue with them in person on April 8. I love each and every one of them.

  1. Working with an ultimate dream production team

I cannot even fully describe how amazing the production team we were able to put together really is. I am stoked to work with Ohm David (our main theatre technical go-to guy and ring maker) and Meliton Roxas (our lights design master). I am proud to say that the three of us have been working together in a substantial number of our stage careers’ highlights, and we just might be adding another one with MWF. It is also a great deal to be working with fellow musician Teresa Barrozo again, whose music work in Philippine theater served as one of my inspirations. Lexi Bartolome, who I recall was only a few batches lower from ours in the UP Theatre Arts program, is now one of the best production and stage managers in the country, and exponentially helped the production to go way smoother.

Juan Carlo Tarobal’s video work is nothing short of fantastic, and will definitely fill the show’s highlights list. We asked A LOT out of him, and he was 100% with us along the ride. Eshei Mesina’s graphic design also turned out to be one the most astonishing aspects of the production, as his Pinoy komiks concept poster really captured the spirit and emotional hook we want for our product.

Needless to say, something as ambitious as this project needed a lot of helping hands to achieve. And we are very lucky to have the trust, support and enthusiasm of all these people and their teams to help us pull it off on Sunday.

  1. Finally working closely with Ho Ho Lun

It almost feels like it was only yesterday since I first shook hands and shared milk tea with Ho Ho Lun at a Fairwood café in Sha Tin, Hong Kong, or when I first introduced the greatness of Jollibee Chickenjoy to him in Central, HK (which he described to be better than KFC, or any fried chicken he’s tasted in the city). We also discussed a lot of potential wrestling projects for years (in between our Chickenjoy eating meet-ups), and here we are now, finally working a show together for real.

  1. Working with Kenneth “The Eurasian Dragon” Thexeira

From the first time I met him in Singapore, I felt all the good vibes in his aura. And true enough, pretty soon we were talking about our favorite Netflix shows and comic books! Kenneth is one of the coolest dudes you will meet in your life, and I am happy to be sharing the same wrestling spirit with him on Sunday.


Additionally, the success story of Singapore Pro Wrestling and their roster’s individual achievements are some of the most inspiring things in wrestling today. Check out this link and watch the video to further understand how truly inspiring SPW, and The Eurasian Dragon, can be!

  1. Seeing our creative ideas fully realized

I tell you, we wrote TONS of creative content for MWF 1: Kasaysayan, and ALL OF THEM are pulled off by the roster and production team. I don’t want to mention any further detail about this, but the whole thing is a labor of love from all of us – days of sleepless nights, tiring but satisfying efforts – and we all can’t wait to show you what we’ve done.

  1. New stories that will begin this Sunday

Of course I won’t spoil you anything, but damn, there is just so many surprises and story beginnings waiting for all of us..

  1. Surprises… LOTS of it

You know that blurred film actress’ face that we posted a few days ago? That’s just one of the surprises we have for you. We have a lot of thrills for you to experience, so I tell you, you don’t want to miss this show, because we really aim to make history with it.

  1. Visiting Manila again

If I love Hong Kong for its “organized chaos” feel, then I love Manila’s pure craziness and chaos (not for my everyday life, though, not this soon anyway). 3 days before I fly to my home country, I am already dreaming of its sights, sounds, smell, feel and taste. It’s a blessing to be able to take a very short break with my wife, amid all the stress of the busy Hong Kong life.


There you go, kapaFEDS. Those are the 8 things I am most excited about for MWF 1: Kasaysayan. I gotta tell you, if you only have a slightest idea of what we have in store for you to enjoy, you’ll be more excited than our whole team.

See you on April 8!



Richard James Mendoza Are there any future plans with “TNT” Greg Bownds, seeing that he made an appearance last December?

Definitely! We’re just ironing out TNT’s schedule and ours, but you will absolutely get a storyline with Greg Bownds involved in it when our schedules align, hopefully sooner than later. TNT is one of the first few wrestlers to help out MWF, and we treat him as family.

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