ATTN: Gus. This one’s for you! (Tarek’s Take #7)

Spotlight, please?

Kamusta mga #kapaFEDs?

So… yep. That happened.

First off, I just want to say what an honor it was to be a part of this historic event. As MWF continues to push forward, we hope to create more memorable moments with you, our fans, and we here at MWF just want to thank you all for joining us on this journey. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to entertain you. We hope you continue to create and share more memories with us in the years to come, kapaFEDs

Since we started on such a high note, I won’t give Gus Queens what he wants the most – the spotlight. You know what… I take it back. Since you want the spotlight so much…

GUS! BUDDY! HELLO! Hope you’re reading this instead of running some scam life coaching session. WHERE ARE YOUR OTHER LIFE COACHEES, GUS?! Granted, ‘Danger’ Rex Lawin IS a formidable life coachee, so you get a pass there.

But loook Gus, pal, whatever issues you have with New Management coming in and stripping you of your CFO title, and whatever issues you have with Mike’s commissioner-ing of MWF… don’t take it out on me. Take your problems up with New Management, with William Elvin, or Commisioner Mike. You don’t need to sic your… life coachee, ‘Danger’ Rex Lawin on me. OUCH, GUS, FRIGGIN FUDGING OUCH! THAT HURT MAN! WHY? JUST WHY?! I WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHY GUHHHSSSS! YOU SUCK, GUS! YOU SUCK MAJORLY!

Look Gus, amigo… you may have some of the #kapaFEDs fooled with you life coaching… whatever???… but the rest of us see through your little temper tantrum, mmmkay?

So Gus, tsong… since you want to get New Management’s attention so much… iz cool. They heard you. They will grant you your CELEBRATION TIME… whatever that is that you requested…


As a… SPECIAL TREAT!!! For our Isko #kapaFEDs in da Bahay… Commissioner Mike Shannon has granted a certain Isko’s punishment suggestion…

SO!!! At MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling, ‘Wag Matakot, at the UP Bahay Ng Alumni (show starts at 6pm) we will see… FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER (AGAIN)!!!

Life Coach Gus Queens (in his in-ring debut! Yay!) vs. RG from UP (DOBOL YAY!)

in a DILIMAN STREET FIGHT! TRIPOL YAYYYYY PALAKPAKAN! Have fun, Gusssss! This really makes getting choked out in front of my mother (Hi Mom! ), family, and loved ones SO WORTH IT OMG! Hahahahahahahaha ay sorry. Bias… inappropriate. Oh well

Aww Gus… you thought you could get away with it… Sorry buddy, pal, amigo, tsong, pare…

Not tonight.

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