Prelude to Glory [Rune Stones & Voodoo, Who Do #8]

By Commissioner Mike (CM) Shannon


First off, I want to apologize to our Kapa-Feds for the delay of this week’s blog. I had been so caught up with adulting and it’s only now that I’ve had the chance to sit down, gather my thoughts, and give the Manilaverse another installment of Rune Stones & Voodoo, Who Do worth reading.

I sit today on this Tuesday morning with the announcement of our upcoming MWF Championship tournament still fresh on my mind. For the next several months, as MWF progresses into 2018, we will be dedicating the entire year to our Championship tournament. And as a promoter and a fan our product, I can’t help but feel the jitters of excitement running through my being.

Everything we’ve done, in the ring and in the personal sacrifices we’ve had to make outside of the ring, has all led us here. And in that spirit, I can’t help but rewatch the show that brought us all into the dance at the first place, Wrestlemania XXX.


While this show is incredibly memorable to all of us for Daniel Bryan’s grand victory at the biggest platform in professional wrestling, it’s more personal and symbolic to me because this is the day when I met the two men that would become Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha.

In the aftermath of Joshi Jam, the decision was made in the Revolution to hold what would be the first of many Wrestlemania viewing parties. At the time, the concept was simply to establish the Revolution’s presence in the community while putting together an event that would gather fans across the metro together under one roof. And among the hundred who attended, would be three boys named Sen, Myslon, and Ryan (who would grow to become our senior referee).

Now, these guys were loud, proud, and hungry to get in the business. We had promoted a WWE 2K14 tournament that would never happen- I was even going to put up some treats from my personal library and collection as big prize items. But technical difficulties wouldn’t allow this, which would ire the future-Mr. Lucha who had his eye on some of the stuff I had up for grabs.


Now, I initially thought these guys were jerks. But little did I know that I would eventually meet two guys who’d grow into my best friends and all-time favorite wrestlers in the world. Over the course of the last three years, we’ve shared laughs, tears, and arguments. We had been through so much; the promotion started with them. So it’s only fitting that our road to the championship begins with them.



Now, the problem I’ve always had with one/two-show title tournaments is that it’s always seemed like a quick and easy way to establish a champion. Promoters cram so much into one show, that by the time you finally get a champion, you’re just glad it’s over and they have a champion. While I can totally understand the convenience, I feel that it takes away from the physicality and human drama that is supposed to make the championship a worthwhile commodity.

And that to me is what really makes a championship. For years, I’ve always told myself that when the opportunity presented itself, I would make sure that our champion didn’t get the easy win; that they would need to survive a year long journey filled with sacrifice, heart-ache and violence.

And that is what the MWF Championship has to represent: the fighting spirit that allows the Manilaverse to thrive! We need that human drama, we need that competition- that glory to greatness. And all that will culminate this December when we crown the first MWF Champion at Noche Buena.

Oh here I go again, I see the crystal visions. I keep my visions to myself.

Each and every time I close my eyes, the entire title tournament flashes in my mind- every win, every loss, and each and every moment that forever changes the lives of the wrestlers who are sacrificing their bodies and souls just to elevate our championship to legendary heights.

I wish I could say more, but this is going to be a groundbreaking, breath taking and completely entertaining endeavor that will bring the best out of the MWF locker room. I almost wish I was a fan so I could selfishly experience these next few months with all the excitement and passion of a mark.


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