NO CURTAINS NEEDED – Long-Term Booking, Real-Life Emergencies and… Referees!

By William Elvin and Tarek El Tayech 


Well, it’s been a fun, though at times shaky, ride for all of us in the Manila Wrestling Federation leading up to MWF 7: Kasaysayan! But we’ve given you a fun show, as always, and we appreciate your feedback a lot. As we have said in one comment at the MWF Insider Online group, we’d love to hear your opinions and reviews, and we will always respect them, regardless of if they are positive, negative, or neutral. What matters to us is that you continue going to our shows, and see how we make progress.

Let’s get straight to the questions:


Migz Llado: When you book a show or a story, how far off do you look forward lalo sa scheduling? Like, yung show nyo nung mwf 7, how do the stories play into future shows?

Also, since hiatus kayo for 3 months prior to mwf 7, what can we expect from mwf ngayon 2019? Mga bagong aabangan?

This is a fun question, Migz! We generally booked Year 1’s storylines for a year, so we roughly knew the bits and pieces of the stories and a few of the main matches we wanted to do even before MWF Open House: Level Up. But even though we had a rough plan, we also made sure that the characters and storylines unfold and develop naturally and organically. Some of those stories are also inspired by on-the-spot happenings, and a few times, the roster members themselves. Looking back, we believe that we hit all the main points we needed to hit by Noche Buena, though there were a lot of fun deviations from the original plan.

The MWF Championship Tournament was one of the “long-term booking” proud achievements of the MWF creative team so far

For Year 2, the goal is to develop more of the stories and relationships we started to plant in Year 1, so expect a lot of continuity callbacks, that can hopefully make longtime fans feel satisfied. Coming back from our hiatus, let us put it as Tarek would phrase it: More stories, more wrestling, more fun, more FREE!

JR Alagao Are you guys doing monthly shows moving forward? And are most of them going to be at UP bahay?

We will do as many shows as our resources will allow. We are trying a different strategy for Year 2, but definitely we’d still love to go back to the UP Bahay ng Alumni in the future. For now, we have to explore some various options, and we look forward to being with you all for the ride, wherever they would take us!

Anthony Cuello In your last 2017 show, TNT Greg Bownds dropped by and let Rex Lawin know that he’ll defend his title against him some time down the line – any update on that?

As with a lot of things in life, these kinds of deals are always in a flux. We’d love to have TNT back in an MWF setting, with an MWF storyline, and he will always be welcome.  Once the stars align, we will explore that storyline once again, as we are just as excited as you are to see how that all would unfold.

Who knows? Maybe TNT will be challenging Rex for his MWF title in the future, huh? 

Marc Gallardo can you bakit po biglaan wala yung ibang wrestlers?? kasama po yan ba saan? specifically bakit manager lang po si ashura last match? anong nangyari po sa ninja? many thanks

As much as we’d all like to be entertained by our favorite wrestlers, there are also times when they have to deal with personal stuff and would need to take some days off. As with all wrestling events, cards are always subject to change, though of course we all try our best to deliver as advertised. Minsan, ganun talaga, and we apologize when things like these happen.

Feel free to ask Ashura your questions on her brand new page’s wall 

Regarding Ninja Ryujin, the performer portraying the character unfortunately also had an emergency to deal with. We hope to see him back in action May 18.

Chua J Charlzz Manila Wrestling Federation – MWF konting improvement po sana sa referees’ officiating.Parang di Kasi alam yung mga rules.

We understand that a number of you noticed rough edges on our referees’ work in MWF 7: Kasaysayan.

As with a lot of things, resources just don’t mean money. Our most valuable resource are the people around to help us achieve our vision for MWF. Unfortunately, as with some wrestlers that day, three of our regular refs were unavailable to perform, with one of them being diagnosed as ill on the day itself and was not cleared by our medics. We were lucky that two members of our #MWFamily were available, and they were made to step in with no prior training, out of necessity.

We realize that referees are an integral part of the pro-wrestling experience (is it still cool to joke about The Viking Experience?) , and we will always do our best to continually improve our standards. But, all considered, we are thankful that we had people helping us out and stepping up to the plate, saving Mike Shannon from additional ref duties (just like what happened in Year 0 at MCS).

One last note, our president personally enjoys it when the refs make mistakes, as it reflects their human nature and being. We are all human, we all make mistakes. Referees are no different. We always wanted our refs to be memorable characters in their own right. Just remember that the Manilaverse is a place where we don’t like to get mired down by tiny technicalities, and we look more to making sure the audience enjoys the overall ride.


Again, we thank you for joining us at Mandala Park! On May 18, we get MWF’s Halalan Special 2K19, with the one and only Tajiri on the card. Stay tuned for more announcements in the following weeks.

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