MWF Aksyonovela TV Episode 2 – “Classical” Bryan Leo vs. “Danger” Rex Lawin and Youngblxxd vs. The Man Bros for the AWGC Tag Team Titles

Kamusta, mga #KapaFED? Narito na po ang 2nd episode ng WRESTLING NG MASANG PINOY – MWF Aksyonovela TV!

In this episode hosted by PAC RG, panoorin natin ang first-round match ng MWF Kampeon ng Masa Title Tournament between one of MWF’s pioneers “Danger” Rex Lawin and multi-time Philippine wrestling champion “Classical” Bryan Leo.

PLUS! Saksihan din natin ang laban nina Frankie Thurteen at Morgan Vaughn (Youngblxxd MNL) at The Man Bros para sa AWGC Tag Team Championships! Sundan every Wednesday ang mga kwento ng #ManilaVerse sa #WrestlingNgMasangPinoy, MWF #AksyonovelaTV!

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