The Rules of the #ManilaVerse [No Curtains Needed]

By William Elvin

By now, a number of you #KapaFEDs might  have already noticed some nuances and details in MWF’s stories and character building that may not be usual in recent pro wrestling products anywhere. At MWF, we strive hard to make the #AksyoNovela saga as uniquely Pinoy as possible, drawing inspiration from Philippine pop culture such as TV shows, movies or familiar images around Metro Manila.

Our love for iconic action heroes such as Fernando Poe Jr., Rudy Fernandez and Robin Padilla (sure, Coco Martin for the younger audience members) surely inspired Gigz Stryker and his “Sagot Kita” film universe. The “Bahay ng Liwanag” story arc mirrors the Pinoy masses’ fascination with charismatic religious evangelists like Apollo Quiboloy, Mike Velarde and Eli Soriano. Fabio Makisig is someone we often encounter in the streets of Manila, along with the likes of the jologs/hypebeast Khayl Sison, bullying every-man characters like RG and Aldrin Richards, who are brave enough to fight back when provoked. Of course, the growing trend of Pinoys resorting to life coaching and get-rich-quick programs has given us the gift of Coach Gus’ “Gus Global” and his muscle “Danger” Rex Lawin. 

Who can ever forget Robin Sane’s catchphrase, “Tara, Let’s Go”, and the way he turned a mundane, all-too-familiar expression into a hyped up battle cry? And, when you come to think of it, a closer examination of MWF’s aesthetics would you realize how much we’re emulating the vibe of Eat Bulaga or Showtime in our live events.

At the heart of all this is the MWF Creative Team’s love for solid, consistent and patient storytelling. Please allow me to share to you some of our declared “Rules of the ManilaVerse”, a set of guidelines we strive hard to live by in writing the MWF shows:

  1. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. There shall always be a set-up, a consequence and a final pay-off.
  2. Every small action affects the ManilaVerse, building upon each other and growing the tension until it blows up to a grand dramatic climax.
  3. Every match, every interview, every promo, every video segment is designed to either push stories forward or develop characters. No detail is a throwaway.
  4. There are good guys and bad guys. But bad guys sometimes do good things, and good guys sometimes do questionable stuff – just like in real life. That being said…
  5. There are no “heel turns” and “face turns”, only character development. The characters will always stay true to their core values, regardless of whether they’re being cheered or not.
  6. Wins and losses do matter. However, what’s more important is how every wrestler reacts to their wins and losses.
  7. No matter how fantastical the storyline may be, there always has to be a basic emotional hook for the audience to hold on to.

There you go, #KapaFEDs! That’s it for this week! We’ll try our best to make our columns a weekly thing again. However, our schedules just keep on getting busier and busier as MWF grows. That’s a good problem for all of us!

See you all on September 8, as we have lots of surprises prepared for you at MWF 4: Road To Fate! Such as this one…


Musings from the Tech Booth – Part 2, and Your Questions Answered [No Curtains Needed]

By William Elvin Manzano 


Before anything else, I’d like to apologize to you Insider #KapaFEDs for being very late in posting this article for this week. Aside from being busy juggling all the responsibilities for “MWF 3: Republika”, I also had to dedicate some family time over these past few days. I’ll make it up to you. Here we go.


“Kuya Will, dito ka lang please. Kailangan ko po ng next cue,” says Mara, who, if I would have to guess, only understood what pro wrestling really is when she got to work with us for MWF 1: Kasaysayan. I was trying to catch some, if any, fresh air because I was starting to get really dizzy. Also, in a few minutes, I will cut a promo to announce the MWF Foundation, in front of people who don’t know or don’t care about who I am, including those who have negative pre-conceived notions of me because of some online arguments I started last year. 

It has been more than an hour of holding my breath in almost all of the segments, and I already missed a cue for a lights spot in the opening tag match when we were monitoring Ninja Ryujin’s arm/shoulder that looked like it got injured. I was also feeling so nervous in the Pillow Fight match, not only due to Ashura having a sprained ankle, but also in wondering if all the right pieces and pillows have been prepared and if the finish we planned will work smoothly.

Sandata and Rex Lawin had an unbelievably solid match, set up by the awesome segment featuring PWR’s Stan Sy sharing the spotlight with MWF Commissioner Mike. Jorelle’s debut match with Jomar, Gigz and Fabio also turned out as we all hoped and envisioned it to be, with all four in-ring performers displaying their impeccable instinct to tell the stories we need to tell.

Photo by Trixie Dauz

Despite having set up the big finale we’re planning with Coach Gus and RG’s Diliman Street Fight, I assume that the crowd has no clue how we were going to tie the show up with them. And here I am, stepping out of the gorilla to cut a promo while dizzy and nervous.

I tried to speak as calm as possible, going over all the basic points that need to come across and pitch the main event between Mr. Lucha and Robin Sane, which will come after. I get out of the ring as quickly as possible, eager to get back to the tech booth. I was still confused, as I asked Sig Pecho, “Saan ba ako dapat dumaan?” in front of the audience. I heard some laughs. F*ck it, I’m not supposed to go over with a brilliant rousing promo anyway.

It’s time for the main event. I’ve known these two men since the scene’s humble beginnings. The first time I met Mr. Lucha was in PWR’s test show “Revolution Now”, where he was in the small audience who was chanting “walrus” at me while I was doing my managerial duties for Classical Bryan Leo against Mayhem Brannigan . With him, among others, was MWF co-founder Tala Haliya, who blurted out a loud “pisting yawa” directed toward me. Now, he’s putting on an essential Philippine wrestling match against Robin Sane, who four years ago was asking me if his character could be a spider. Yes, Robin Sane wanted to be a spider.

Photo by Noel Tanjeco

These memories made the match much more emotional for me. So much memories, both good and bad. And here they are, showing the fans what they can really do.

I’m not going to lie about this. I am now in tears watching this match from the 2nd floor of the UP Bahay ng Alumni. What makes these tears flow more freely is I’m watching this beside Frankie Thurteen, who is also crying, and who I remember as the very young boy who wanted to be a pro wrestler but was too young.

The main event’s finish was done perfectly. We’re getting the reaction we want. We made these people happy, and feel good about pro wrestling. There is hope. There is a future for what we’ve all been building for almost five years now.

And personally, this is the first time when I felt like I perfectly belonged somewhere.

But sh*t, I almost forgot. I have a flight back to Hong Kong in just a few short hours.

Let’s do this again on July 8.



Richard James Mendoza What do you feel about wrestlers doing promos? Should it be scripted, off the top of the head, or a combination of the two?

Also, to subvert the usual question, are there any non-wrestling roles available for MWF? Wala lang, just curious.

Should always be a combination of the two for me. In MWF’s case, we just write down the key beats and points of their promos in our production outlines, so we can relay the stories we want to tell through their characters. Then, we listen to the promos they come up with before the show rolls on, and we fine tune them from there. Sometimes, some of the wrestlers submit their promo ideas to us first, and we try to work them in the show if they make sense.

For the second part of your question, we don’t have any non-wrestling roles available for now, but we’ll surely inform you guys when something comes up. For now, we really need you guys to be in the audience, making the shows more awesome with your participation.


Kenneth Tongol What is the ring made of?

You’d have to ask our production design expert Ohm David that question when you meet him.


Bon Evangelista Nasaan na po yung dating manager (?) ni Fabio Makisig? Can’t remember kung aling show last year siya lumabas. Huhu

I think Fabio himself answered this one. Apparently, the manager is now an OFW.


Paul Nikko Degollado A friend noticed from the last show that Ninja Ryujin was actually doing FSL (Filipino Sign Language) during his promos, was this the case of his promos ever since? Could his booking be angled towards an advocacy of some sorts for FSL and for representation of PWDs in general (though medyo stretch na ito for me hehe)?

No, it’s not a stretch at all. We really want our PWD audience to identify with Ninja Ryujin, and WE CAN’T THANK HIM ENOUGH for really studying sign language for his promos. I’m not sure if they already did it that way before the new management came along, but it’s really our idea to develop Ninja Ryujin’s character from this. Thank you for noticing the details! KapaFEDs, please take note. We do a lot of small details that will make your viewing experience much more enjoyable.


Maow Del Rosario Will there be an Aldrin Richards t-shirt for sale at Republika

I am not in charge of merch in terms of when they’re scheduled to be rolled out, but creatively, we’re already finalizing designs and concepts for a number of wrestlers. So, I may not be able to promise the when, but I could definitely tell you that there is a big possibility of you getting your hands on your favorite wrestlers’ merch soon!


Christopher Sandico Pepper Your Favorite Fan has a question from the farthest parts of Asia.

Any plans for an earlier time? 6-10 event is prohibitive to some members of the Fabulous Early Birds. Not for me coz anytime is fine.

Hey, I hope you’re getting the most out of your great holiday experience. I envy you so much right now.

Let’s see what the future brings, but I don’t think the MWF shows would look good at an earlier time, as we really need that dark, evening atmosphere to make our shows much more aesthetically appealing. However, we have no plans of ever going beyond 3 hours. If you haven’t noticed yet, Kasaysayan and Maki-Wrestling, ‘Wag Matakot were only 2 hours and 40 minutes, and we’re really strict on production time.

This means that if we start by 6 PM, we’d basically be done by 9 PM. So, we hope you can just come out and stay a bit late for a few times in a year, because, you know, we really don’t end our shows really late.

AAAND… I hope it’s getting a bit clear now, after 3 shows, that we always make sure to put on a fascinating show everytime.


Carlo Agoncillo In MWF kasaysayan coach Gus and Rex Lawin challenged TNT Greg Bownds. So far he hasn’t answered their challenge. Will we still see Rex vs TNT this year ?

TNT vs. Rex Lawin is one match that will surely happen. The important factors to really consider are people’s schedules, especially with TNT, and when the match will really mean something and would make sense story-wise. But don’t worry, we’re often in touch with TNT to make sure that match happens. And when it does, it’s going to get  a major, important match treatment that it deserves.



That’s it for this week! I’ll try my very best to be more in time for next week. Thanks for all your love and support!

Musings from the Tech Booth — Part 1 [No Curtains Needed]

By William Elvin Manzano


I’ve been in this position countless times before. I’ve mastered this craft of orchestrating everything – from the script, to the stage, to the lights and sounds. This is where I’m supposed to be most confident, relaxed and comfortable.

But my nerves are going haywire. Yes, I spent more than half of yesterday at the airport, with about 4 hours of it in a cold, boring, flying tube. Yes, I still have a plane to catch just hours after this show. I don’t think those are the reasons why I feel like I just shot uppers and downers at the same time, though. No, not at all.  I’m just not totally sure how this show would go, and unlike every event or show I’ve manned before, there are hundreds of factors that are out of my control tonight.

Unlike traditional theatre, where directors are gods who can manipulate every detail of a show, professional wrestling is way more of a collaborative work. Most of all, I am nowhere near godlike in this one. My main purpose is just to highlight what the MWF roster can do, and provide a theatrical spotlight to their unbelievable talent.

Times like these, all I could do is pray to the Universe, and hope that my cosmic karma is enough for us to have the best show possible, with all my beloved friends and colleagues safe and healthy when the show ends.

As the seats fill up, I suddenly feel nauseous. I go to the holding room, where the wrestlers oddly feel relaxed and ready. They’re the ones who will risk their bodies out there tonight. They’re the ones who will be heckled by the unforgiving crowd. They’re the ones who will make or break this show. Not me. I already did 75% of the work, weeks ago when I turned in the final production script. It’s their game now. But I’m the one who’s getting pale as f*ck.

“You need water,” says a laid-back Robin Sane. I’m pretty sure that’s not what I need, unless there’s a tablet of valium that goes with a cup of it. “Where did you come from? Why are you there?” asks Tarek El Tayech. “I don’t even know where I am right now,” I reply. All I know is I’m surrounded by kids with drumsticks, who should be standing by for their cue outside the building very soon, Sandata who’s quietly taping his wrists, and a limping Ashura, who is working through a sprained ankle this evening.

I feel like passing out. Is this because I’m actually living a dream I’m not totally ready for? Or, am I just getting too old for this sh*t?


“Kuya Will, pa-cue na po kung magsastart na,” says Mara Agleham, who’s manning the tech booth with Mikko Angeles on video. On my right, our lights designer Meliton Roxas is taking his seat. “Hanap ka ni Sir Tony sa baba,” he says, referring to Sir Tony Mabesa, theater/film icon, Dulaang UP founder and one of our mentors in the craft of theater. This night just got more bizarre. I look for Tarek, so I can share my nervousness of having to show this rather unique form of drama to one of the most vicious critics of all time. He’s nowhere to be found. I look down the audience area, and apparently, he’s already talking the old man.

I grab the headset and talk to Mike, who’s on gorilla.

“That sounds like a wrestling crowd,” I say, referring to the buzzing noise of an audience who can’t wait to consume what we’ve been working hard on for the past month.

I remember my wife’s voice. “How can you top Kasaysayan with your UP show?” she asked. I don’t know, and I’m not sure if we can.

Let’s try, anyway.

“Mara, start na tayo.”

The lights dim. The show starts.

I’m still dizzy as hell.

— to be continued —



Gary Agustine L. Lantoria Why are you all conniving against Coach Gus?

Ugh. Coach Gus is not a victim, so stop treating him like he’s one. He’s an arrogant prick who thinks too highly of himself. If he wants to whine, let him whine. Ugh.


Crisencio Galvez bootcamp

I wish I can tell you our plans. But it will be open very soon. And it will be so worth it for new trainees.


Naj Siplon Can we expect more wrestlers to debut on MWF this year?

Let’s see about the new trainees who will be joining us soon. If anyone will be as good as Jorelle in a short period of time, why not?


Carlo Agoncillo Since the MWF foundation is helping UP rebuild the shopping center will we see an UP based MWF store in the future ?

Brilliant idea! We’ll credit you for that when it happens, and I hope the Shopping Centre will be rehabilitated very soon. We’re happy and excited to help, and we are working day and night to make sure the MWF Foundation becomes an integral part of our administration.


Aaron Lemuel Alvarez Will we see another Manila Rules Match in the near future?

I can’t say how near that near future is, but we sure have the Manila Rules match in our booking notes.

Thanks for your questions, and that’s it for the week! See you again next Wednesday, #KapaFEDs!

3 Day Push to MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling, ‘Wag Matakot [No Curtains Needed]

By William Elvin Manzano 


Hello, mga #KapaFED! Your weekly wrestling oracle here, William Elvin!

It’s just gonna be a quick one today, because as you know, MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling, ‘Wag Matakot is on Sunday, and all kinds of craziness is happening around me at the same time!

Let’s jump straight to the questions for this week, shall we?


Carlo Agoncillo I see u already have a Ninja and Mr Lucha doll will we have dolls of other wrestlers in the future? And what wrestling merch do u enjoy collecting ?

We will definitely produce more merchandise items, especially dolls of other wrestlers. Ninja and Lucha came first as a way to test interest in these kinds of merch, and so far, it’s getting a lot of interest.

I used to have a lot of Stone Cold shirts when I was younger. Unfortunately, 2008’s “Ondoy” took a lot of those away, so now I only have a few. After that, I was never much into buying merch anymore, though I bought all kinds of wrestling DVDs (original or pirated, but not advocating piracy in any form) I could find and afford before the WWE Network came along.

If I had enough money and house space (and as long as my wife won’t be annoyed by them), I will definitely buy more action figures and toy rings.

Kenneth Tongol Thoughts on using guard rails in your shows? Last show I remembered a fan easily jumped the ramp to take a pic with Richards.

Oh thankfully that fan wasn’t violent! She just wanted a selfie.

If we can afford to bring in more metal in venues that what we’re already bringing, sure. However, we trust that you MWF fans are respectful enough to control your excitement and not disrupt our shows. For the unruly fans, we thank the universe we have security/bouncers in our shows.

Crisencio Galvez do you allow trained wrestlers with no compete contract to your promotion?

As far as I know, local wrestlers from other promotions don’t have exclusive contracts yet, so we can cross-promote anytime we think it is beneficial, as long as our promotions’ bounds are respected (and so far, our cross-promotional negotiations are quite well). For those with non-compete contracts (I imagine the WWE or NJPW are the only ones who really have these sorts of contracts, but please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), they legally can’t work for other promotions other that where they work, so even if we want to have, say, Dolph Ziggler or Finn Balor in our fed, that won’t be possible.

Aaron Lemuel Alvarez What specialty match do you prefer most? And why?

Hey, welcome to the Insider blog! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you’re a first-time asker. Thanks for the support!

I’m an old school guy, so old-fashioned, balls-to-the-wall cage matches still appeal to me. Not the escape-type cage matches the WWE produces, but the NWA-style knock-down-drag-out pin and submission ones.

I love it because it has the capacity to feel legitimately brutal without relying on dangerous spots like a ladder match would. When done right, cage matches can give fans the best matches they will ever see (provided that you’re not the type of fan who judges matches based on how dangerous the spots are).


That’s it for today! I look forward to seeing all of you in person on Sunday night!


Flamethrowers or Lasers? Tarek or Mon Confiado? [No Curtains Needed]

By William Elvin Manzano


Hello, my beloved #KapaFEDs!

11 days to go before “MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling, ‘Wag Matakot”, and the full match card has been announced and made official today! Of course, if you’ve been paying attention to what we’re doing, MWF 2 will be filled with surprises and you’ll go home feeling and believing you’ve spent P299 (or less, with discounts) on the best wrestling show you can see live this month.

I just booked my flight to the Philippines for that weekend, and I can’t wait to once again hear the crowd roar for something we put much of our hearts and souls into.

Time to answer your questions:

Ritz Sy: Can you picture out how will a feud between Tarek El Tayech and Mon Confiado would go? Could this be a continuation from that movie?

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen “Hitboy” yet. But a feud between Tarek and Mon Confiado with the MWF wrestlers involved will definitely get more eyeballs for our show! Without giving so much details (‘cause, you know, there might be a big possibility for this to happen in the future), I’d put Mr. Confiado – one of the best working film actors in the country today – in a heel role, setting up a feud with Commish Mike first before he actually gets Tarek, who knows a certain 90s action hero to be his ‘kasangga’… Now, that is something to sports-entertain all of us, yes?

Naj Siplon: Will we ever see William Elvin in an onscreen role in MWF?

Last week, we got a question if I would ever go back to a managerial role for MWF, and now this from Naj!  Do you actually want to see me involved in MWF stories? Man, just thinking about it kinda gives me a mini-heart attack, with so much stress and anxiety involved there!

I enjoyed playing the William Melvin character in PWR’s test show 4 years ago, and I consider it to be one of the most memorable performances in my life. I’m sure I’d have so much fan doing it in front of a waaay larger audience this time, but only if I’m really, really needed. Right now, as I have mentioned last week, I’m more needed behind the scenes. But we’re not ruling out some simple, minor appearances.

Christopher Sandico Pepper : Thank you for answering my past questions. Your favorite fan has another question.

The Manilaverse has Supernatural long haired wrestlers that appears when you open a book, a mask the cause glitches in sound system (which affected your first video in MWF relaunch ) and light systems , mind controlled ninja and future resurrected prophets. Will MWF be more fantasy with fireballs and lightning or sci fi with flame throwers and lasers?

The Manilaverse will be what it is needed to be, depending on what story we want to tell. Our great multimedia production team, led by our visuals director Juan Carlo Tarobal, has opened up a million doors of possibility with the films we’re producing, so nothing is impossible – we can do fireballs and lightning or flame throwers and lasers whenever our creative ideas point to those directions.


Will be a very busy week for all of us, but we are happy to know that you’re all there for us! See you on May 27!

Sagot Kita: The Musical? The Return of Mr. William Melvin? and More! [No Curtains Needed]

By William Elvin Manzano 


Good evening, mga #KapaFED!

It’s been a long day for me, but as I always tell Senior Analyst Tarek, who sometimes asks me if I’m beginning to get overworked, thinking about the MWF and the hard work we put in will always be among the highlights of my waking hours.

So let’s get to more work and answer your questions, shall we?


Christopher Sandico Pepper As your favorite fan, my questions are always answered.

Are their going to be individual wrestler shirts available for sale? So we could support our favorite wrestlers!


Maow Del Rosario When can we expect to see tshirts of the MWF wrestlers at the merch booth?

(I want my Aldrin and Frankie merch!!)

Yes, there will be shirts and other merch for your favorite wrestlers! It just takes a bit of time because – and we ask for your understanding – as a company, we want all our merch concepts and items to be consistent in quality and design, so we always take a lot of consideration in all of the stuff we put out. So we ask for your patience. It will come soon. Remember when you guys were asking me about the MWF Championship? It came sooner than you all expected, right? So keep an eye out for the merch, too. For now, please buy our MWF shirts and other miscellaneous items, to keep our engines running.


Martin Vicencio as your favorite fa…wait..that’s someone else.


With MWF drawing elements of Theater into their a musical episode/segment/show of MWF a remote possibility in the future? (a.k.a. MWF: The Wrestling Musical)?

You trying to compete with my favorite fan Pepper, who already went to WIP PH to buy his ticket for “MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling, ‘Wag Matakot”?

Well, last I heard, MWF’s Creative Director has written a few original Filipino musicals… So, it may really be possible. 🙂

Also, one of my dream productions to direct (it’s posted here for the public to see, so I’m claiming this idea as my intellectual property :p) is a pro wrestling-themed staging of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The play’s themes of power-grabbing and corruption fits perfectly in a wrestling arena setting, so if someone gives me about 1 million pesos to produce this, I definitely will start in a heartbeat.

Also, there’s a recent off-Broadway play titled “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity”, which is a comedy/drama about a professional wrestler. It’s in my theater direction bucket list. If ever I mount these productions, you’ll support me, right? Hope so.


Sebs Daniel Argarin Is there still a chance that we will see you sir in a manager role again at some point in the future?

No immediate plans for that, because our shows need me calling the shots for all technical cues, and I always loved being behind the scenes more than performing. But who knows, and why not? You might be seeing me cut simple promos soon, that I can say.


Naj Siplon Are there any plans to do a show outside of Quezon City? I’m from the south and I work weekends so it’s really hard for me to watch your events live.

Jaems Relativo Follow up question to this:

Would the MWF consider doing shows in the provinces/outside NCR lalo na’t masang Pilipino ang target audience ng Federation?

Crisencio Galvez follow up to this question:

what would it differ to the previous shows attempted by other promotions. like the batanes incident.


Naj, I hope to meet you in person soon in an MWF show. If the opportunity comes, we hope you can take that long trip to the north to see the MWF product we’re all so proud of.

To answer the questions, not only do we consider having shows outside Metro Manila, but that always was a part of the big plan. But in order to successfully achieve that, we have to build a solid fanbase and following first, like what we’re doing by holding our shows in Quezon City at least for the first few months.

And how would our shows be different from the ones attempted by other feds? I personally don’t know what really happened in Batanes, nor is it my business, so I can’t comment on that. However, when we do those shows, we’ll run as we have been doing so far: treat it like how we’ve done it professionally in events and theatre, and always put on the best show possible.


Ritz Sy I remembered the Reboot MWF show inside the UP campus, which is also my first time inside the university. Now that you’re going back to UP, I would like to know your opinion if the MWF brand is perfectly suited within the university turf.

MWF Open House: Level Up Promotional Poster, featuring Mr. Lucha.

Being a UP alumnus, I’d like to believe that I have a firm grasp on how UP students think and feel, and so far, most of our UP friends who saw the shows instantly got what we’re trying to do creatively. The best thing is, we’re already creating new wrestling fans in the University, with quite a few having MWF as their first exposure to the artform.

We hope to continue getting more new fans, whether they’re from UP or not, with the help of you, our core followers. If you like what you’re seeing, bring your friends and have fun with us! It’s easy to go to UP even if you’re not UP students, either by private vehicles or commuting. So tara, let’s go and join us!


Charlie Salmon You ever think of doing a Royal Rumble style contest? They’re always good crowd pleasers and it’s fun to have surprises from other feds show up.

Personally, I think the Royal Rumble is the best match concepts ever conceived. When the right time comes, and when we have a bigger roster to play around with, having a Pinoy-style Royal Rumble will certainly be at the top of our ideas list.


Mark De Joya Without giving away any overt spoilers, can you tell us about the design inspiration behind the MWF Championship? You have a very unique design language in your company.

Ohm David, MWF’s ringmaker and one of the best technical directors and set designers in the country (not even exaggerating here, he really is considered by everyone as one of the best in the whole damn country), will design the MWF championship belt. We can’t even describe how excited we are to show you the MWF Championship belt on December.

Ohm David, as featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2013 (Photo credit: Walter Ang, Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Carlo Agoncillo Do the MWF wrestlers use original music in their entrances? If yes who composes their music?

Not yet, though it is inevitable for us to use original music soon to avoid copyright issues. When that time comes, the music work will be split between yours truly and Teresa Barrozo, who scored most of the MWF videos that you have been seeing so far.


That’s it for tonight, my friends. See you in about two weeks at UP Bahay ng Alumni. Much love to all of you.

MWF: Who We Are and Who We Want to Be [No Curtains Needed # 8]

By William Elvin Manzano


“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

― Steve Jobs


Hello, mga KapaFEDs! We just received one question for today, but I hope it is not because you don’t care or think much of our shows. This past week has been very busy, and I’m sure a number of you are getting excited about how “MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling, ‘Wag Matakot” is taking shape.

Yes, we have a street fight, a pillow fight, an action film sequel, and the 1st match, 1st round MWF Championship Tournament match between Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha. And we still have a few matches we haven’t announced yet. Pretty crazy, huh?

So, I am sure a lot of you have been thinking of how this MWF 2018 relaunch came to be. The way the ManilaVerse is being set up right now is causing various reactions, mostly positive, but of course, some people have a few choice words to describe our product a bit negatively.


And personally, I can understand where they are coming from. A lot of people view professional wrestling differently as we do, but I hope you guys just sit back, relax and let the MWF roster tell you their stories in the ring, around it, and outside of it.

I will dare say this: The MWF is more than just a wrestling show. We are here to create an entertaining, compelling and thought-provoking universe that mirrors life in Manila and represents as many Pinoys from all walks of life. Pro-wrestling, what happens in the ring and in matches, is one of our major tools in building this universe, and is as important as our videos, our vignettes, our social media posts and all our artistic devices. In simpler words, we want you to come to see a great wrestling show, and end up going home happier because you got something much more than what you came for.

MAria Ozawa

All our efforts – all the time we spend shooting our promotional and in-show videos, writing scripts, producing segments, etc. – are being exerted with only one goal in mind: To give you all the best show possible, every single time. We want you to laugh, be angry, be annoyed, get pumped up, and in some instances, cry with us as all our characters’ journeys unfold.

We want you to eventually also feel in our episodic theatre, the one we shall lovingly call “AksyoNovela”, the way most of you feel when you watch your favorite movies, read your favorite books or comics, get lost in your favorite anime or manga, or immerse in the latest Marvel movies. The Triumvirate

Are we a bit too ambitious? Yes, probably.

Are we crazy? Yes, I’d say we’re absolutely out of our minds.

But with your help, we can all get a little bit crazy, and build something wonderful.

We thank you for being with us, always.



Kenneth Tongol Are there any banned wrestling moves?

There is no official list of banned wrestling moves. However, we make sure that all the moves our wrestlers do can be done safely, according to their athletic capabilities and their level of ring training. As much as we want to see complex and exhilarating moves, the priority of our company is the safety of our wrestlers and ensuring that they can eventually make a living out of what we do in the best health and physical condition possible. So, if they can prove that they can do certain moves safely, then we allow them to execute the moves.


See you again next week, KapaFEDs!

All photos by Vlad Gonzales