RG’s Budots, Factory Graduates’ Names and Full Match Uploads – No Curtains Needed

By William Elvin

It’s a very busy time for all of us at the Manila Wrestling Federation, with so much going on behind the scenes. I wish I could tell you more, but I’m slowly learning to hold off and curb my enthusiasm until things are officially official, if I may coin that phrase. But I gotta say, these really are exciting times.

Let’s cut to the chase…

Shikatanori Dera is it possible ul hold events outside manila or outside luzon?

That is definitely an eventual goal for us. We’d love to bring our brand of entertainment outside Metro Manila, outside the region, and possibly outside the country too! But of course, for that to happen, we gotta grow the #KapaFED fanbase around the Metro even more, and we are happy that we now have more eyes following our product than ever before. When there’s demand for shows outside Manila, we’re up for it!

Jesse Sabile Manalang Babalik na po ba kayo sa UP bahay ng alumni?

The UP Bahay ng Alumni is a special place for us, so we’re definitely going back there sometime in the future. For now, we’re focusing on growing our audience, and that involves doing shows around the metro.

Migz Llado When are you guys naming the wrestling camp trainees/graduates?

(I know it might not be a priority but it would be great to be able to address them with a name) 😁

Also, Any more foreign talents you plan on bringing over?

You’ll start seeing more of them as #ManilaVerse characters very soon, so keep an eye out! And of course, we plan to bring over more foreign talents and use them to develop our homegrown talent even more. Looking back, Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha being involved in storylines with Ho Ho Lun and Eurasian Dragon did wonders to their characters, as with what #TitoTajiri recently has done with Fabio Makisig, so expect consequences of that match in terms of Fabio’s character development too.

Martin Vicencio What was YOUR reaction to the seemingly divided audience for Mike Shannon and Gus Queens at the elections during the entirety of the show?

Also..thoughts on the RG budots dance?

Not surprised at all. In fact, I personally expected the audience to be divided. The #ManilaVerse is intended to be a reflection of the Philippines’ sociopolitical state, so it is really no surprise to have a divided audience just like what we see in real life.

RG’s budots dance is awesome, and was a perfect end to a show that is a commentary on Philippine politics.

Ant Sierra By now MWF has already produced tons of quality matches. MWF 8 alone had more than a handful of them. With that said, I’d like to ask if uploading full matches online is within the horizon? Seeing that most if not all wrestling promotions use that strategy on digital, especially when there are widely known athletes like Tajiri-san involved.


Well, we already uploaded our first MWF Mandirigma Full Match, and we look forward to improve our production even more as newer episodes come in. As always, we appreciate your feedback, and we are taking note of them.

Marc Gallardo Ito na ba ang simula ng puro free shows? simula narin ba to ng more girl matches?

Yes, you can expect more free shows! We hope everyone is enjoying how MWF is #MakingWrestlingFun and #MakingWrestlingFree! As for girl matches, we hope to have more female trainees soon, so we can develop our female roster even further.

Patrick John Nulud MWF Tag Team Championship?

That would be exciting. Why not? Let’s see if we already have tag teams forming… Oh yeah, that’s right. 🙂

Christopher Sandico Pepper So with Mikers making his wrestling debut, when will you, William Elvin Manzano and Tarek El Tayech, do their wrestling debut?

I can’t speak for Tarek, but you don’t want to see me in in-ring action. You’d think you want to, but you really don’t. I’ll stick to singing and playing guitar.


And that’s it for this month! Will be hearing from you again after MWF 9: [Title Redacted]!

Photos by Miggy Hilario