The ManilaVerse Canon – MWF 3: Republika

Written by Mike Shannon, William Elvin Manzano and Tarek El Tayech





Poster by Manuel Mesina III

The UP Bahay ng Alumni was scorching hot in anticipation for the one-on-one match between bitter rivals Robin Sane and one of the founding fathers of Southeast Asian wrestling, former WWE Cruiserweight Classic and NXT competitor Ho Ho Lun from Hong Kong.

After Mr. Lucha’s defeat at the hands of his best friend and MWF co-pioneer Robin Sane, the rest of the Round 1 matches for the inaugural MWF Championship happened at MWF 3: Republika, bringing a few surprises, twists and turns to the ManilaVerse.

Fabio Makisig barely survived facing his own fears when he faced the ghostly Jorelle Liwanag, only beating (and outsmarting) MWF’s resident white lady via countout. The calm and focused Ninja Ryujin defeated Hanzello Shilva, who started showing bizarre signs of his animalistic tendencies in the match. Aldrin Richards defeated the newly re-christened Khayl (not Kyle) Sison, who came out in his full hypebeast persona for the first time with the help of PWR’s “The Kakaibros”. “Danger” Rex Lawin also continued his mean monstrous streak, not only eliminating The Man-Doll Martivo to advance in the tournament, but also attacking Martivo’s partner Robynn post-match. Also, in a bizarre and unfortunate twist of fate, “The Glitch” Morgan Vaughn has summoned his mask’s technological disruption powers to distract UP Diliman’s own RG, causing him to easily win the match in just a few seconds.

Although MWF’s Action Hero Gigz Stryker lost his Round 1 match against the interim bearer of the “Aklat ng Liwanag” Bro. Jomar, his movie star universe is shaping up more clearly, as he struggles to search and rescue the missing menudo girl Geenuh while stirring up a star-crossed romance with Neneng.

But the biggest story of the night was the painful unraveling of Mr. Lucha. The MWF KapaFEDs all witnessed his embarrassment, with his student Ashura slapping him hard after being defeated by Frankie Thurteen, who incidentally just returned from injury suffered at the hands of “Danger” Rex Lawin. Mr. Lucha’s other student, Khayl Sison, doubled down on the Pride of Sagada’s humiliation, as Sison verbally ripped his former mentor to shreds, saying that his association with Lucha held both him and Ashura down for the longest time.

Ho Ho Lun lost to Robin Sane, in one of Southeast Asian wrestling’s most talked about upset wins.

Lucha’s rage finally exploded before the night has ended. After Robin Sane defeated Ho Ho Lun – against all odds, with Lun bringing his own partial referee from China – via small package, the Hong Kong star wreaked havoc by attacking MWF officials including Commissioner Mike Shannon and threatening to publicly desecrate the Philippine flag. The made the whole MWF locker room, led by Mr. Lucha, come out and drive Lun away. However, the celebration did not even last a few seconds, when Khayl lowblowed Lucha and sparked the roster-wide violent brawl that left bodies scattered all over the UP Bahay ng Alumni.

Video from Trixie Dauz’ YouTube Channel Pinoy Screen and Stage

Amid the destruction, the three co-founders of the Manila Wrestling Federation – Ninja Ryujin, Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha – were the ones left standing, before the now-infamous Sagada Driver that betrayed years of friendship between Lucha and Sane was delivered.

The DVDX/Sagada Driver

The ManilaVerse was shaken to its core, but was only the beginning of a darker period for MWF.

The ManilaVerse Canon – MWF 2: Maki-Wrestling, ‘Wag Matakot!

Written by Mike Shannon, William Elvin Manzano and Tarek El Tayech 

Poster by Manuel Mesina III




The Manila Wrestling Federation has found its new home at the Bahay ng Alumni at the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus. Anticipation was high, as the evening’s main event featured two of MWF’s pioneers – Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha, who we saw battling it out against each other at the last event with their respective partners Ho Ho Lun and Eurasian Dragon – for the first round of the scheduled year-long tournament to crown the inaugural MWF Champion.

Match Card Poster by Sonny Go

Coach Gus Queens gives RG the Global Elbow

But before the night’s festivities, MWF’s resident narcissistic troll Coach Gus Queens has decided to antagonize the UP crowd, as he entered the venue in a De La Salle Green Archer/Green Arrow costume with a marching band and called out ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’, RG from UP Diliman. The Diliman Street Fight between the two started the show hot, as the brawl spilled outside the ring, and outside the venue.  Throughout the show, RG and Gus were seen brawling all over the University campus before eventually winding up back to the Bahay ng Alumni, with RG scoring the pinfall victory.

We also saw the tag team of Hanzello Shilva and Aldrin Richards fall victim to ‘The Glitch’ Morgan Vaughn and Ninja Ryujin, who Vaughn tricked into being his partner through his mind-hacking skills (which he gets through his mystical mask).

The Pillow Fight between Mr. Lucha’s trainees Ashura and Kyle Sison did not go exactly as how Lucha planned it. Originally meant as a tactic to humble the two young combatants by making them feel like the “little children” they really are, the fight turned into a no-holds-barred, knock-down-drag-out match that ended when Kyle Sison hit Ashura with a pillowcase loaded with rocks.  Backstage, Mr. Lucha slaps Kyle Sison hard, and chastised him for ‘having no sense of integrity and dignity’.

The first sign of a PWR-MWF cross-promotion also happened that night, as former PWR Commissioner and UP alumnus Mr. Sy challenged Commissioner Mike Shannon to put one of his ‘manoks’, the Pinoy Tecnico and fellow UP graduate Sandata, in an official MWF match. Unfortunately, “Danger” Rex Lawin showed up, and a match between Sandata and Lawin was made official. Lawin unleashed his violence on Sandata, delivering numerous Rex Triggers until Mr. Sy had no choice to save his client Sandata from permanent damage by throwing in the towel.

Rex Lawin’s celebration was cut short by Frankie Thurteen, who’s wearing an arm cast due to the damage done by Lawin at MWF 1: Kasaysayan. Frankie vowed to get his revenge on Rex for putting him out of action.

Sandata and Rex Lawin gave us a memorable fight. Photo by Trixie Dauz.

The 2nd episode of Gigz Stryker’s ‘Sagot Kita’ series, entitled ‘Misyon Aksyon’ also premiered. A woman dressed in black appeared in Gigz’ detective services office, asking the Action Hero to look for his missing husband. Gigz followed the lead, which led him to a strange house where he saw Fabio Makisig lurking in the shadows. Fabio explained that he is there to also investigate about the ghostly appearance he saw at the last event. Together, they discovered a VHS tape containing a chilling footage: the ghostly woman in white – still in her human form – was being baptized and indoctrinated alongside Bro. Jomar Liwanag by a man named Moises. In the ring, the woman in white, whose name is revealed as Jorelle, and Bro. Jomar Liwanag won over the unlikely team of Gigz Stryker and Fabio Makisig.

Finally, the evening’s Main Event saw Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha battle it out to kick-off the MWF Championship Tournament, and resulted to one of the best and most emotional matches in Philippine wrestling. The two friends evenly dished out punishment on each other, but Mr. Lucha suffered his first recorded one-on-one loss at the hands of Robin Sane via small package.

A moment etched in MWF History. Photo by Noel Tanjeco.

Realizing that he is now missing out on the opportunity to become the first-ever MWF Champion, Mr. Lucha still stood back up to congratulate his bestfriend, ending the night on a positive note until a video of Ho Ho Lun showed up on screen to challenge Sane to a match at the next MWF show.

To be continued.





The ManilaVerse Canon – MWF 1: Kasaysayan

Written by Mike Shannon, William Elvin and Tarek El Tayech

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Poster by Manuel Mesina III

An internationally powered Mega Main Event was set for “MWF 1: Kasaysayan”, as the KapaFEDs held their collective breath for the tag team showdown, featuring Mr. Lucha and his wrestling mentor The Eurasian Dragon from Singapore Pro Wrestling facing off against Robin Sane and Hong Kong Wrestling’s Ho Ho Lun, fresh from his WWE Cruiserweight Classic and NXT run.

To start the show, Mr. Lucha congratulated Robin Sane for winning the History Maker Battle Royal. The two men reiterated their strong friendship despite having to face one another that evening. However, Mr. Lucha asked Robin Sane to “remind me not to turn my back on you again, ever”.

Photo by Francis Lumahan

Meanwhile, the usually tough Fabio Makisig has found something to fear: a mysterious ghostly lady who appeared after his match with evangelist Bro. Jomar Liwanag. “Danger” Rex Lawin continues his monstrous destruction, as he purposefully broke the arm of Frankie Thurteen in a one-on-one bout.

We also learned that Kyle Sison and Ashura were under the tutelage of Mr. Lucha. Ever the strict idealist, Lucha chastised his students for acting like kids, forfeiting teamwork and losing to Aldrin Richards and Hanzello Shilva. To publicly teach them a lesson, Mr. Lucha ordered Sison and Ashura to face each other in a humiliating and degrading Pillow Fight at the next show.

Elsewhere, Action Hero Gigz Stryker was trying to enjoy a bowl of menudo and rice in his favorite sidewalk eatery, run by the simple-yet-attractive Geenah. His whole life plays out like a series action movies, with this episode being entitled “Sagot Kita! Anytime, Anywhere”. When UP Diliman’s RG saw Japanese film star Maria Ozawa being mugged at a dark alley, he summoned the help of Gigz, launching a chase with the hoodlums that ended at the MWF venue. Gigz and RG got to return Maria Ozawa’s bag, but Gigz Stryker’s action movie life had just begun.

The ManilaVerse was also properly introduced to the Zen-loving Ninja Ryujin, who is deaf and mute but is extremely skilled in the art of fighting, as well as “The Glitch” Morgan Vaughn, a bizarre character who claims to influence his surroundings through the help of his technologically superior face mask. The two faced off in an exciting and intense bout, with Ninja Ryujin getting the victory.

The incredible Mega Main Event highlighted two of MWF’s pioneers – Mr. Lucha and Robin Sane – who  proved that they belong in the same ring with two of Southeast Asia’s best, Eurasian Dragon and Ho Ho Lun. As the match started, it was apparent that Lun, the father of Hong Kong wrestling, was not interested in being a partner to Robin Sane, but was out to get the win for himself. This lack of teamwork was a stark contrast to the team of Lucha and Dragon, who picked up the first big Main Event of the ManilaVerse canon when the Singapore star pinned Ho Ho Lun, right after Robin Sane performed a big tope con hilo to Mr. Lucha outside the ring.

As the show came to its end, the KapaFEDs saw Ho Ho Lun’s brutality, when he viciously beat Robin Sane down and spit on his History Maker medal, blaming Sane for his loss in the match. As the beatdown got worse and worse, friendship has prevailed over MWF’s top rivalry when Mr. Lucha carried an injured Robin Sane to the back as credits rolled.

The intrigue and chaos MWF 1: Kasaysayan brought to Pinoy wrestling’s table was definitely an indication of things to come.

To Be Continued

The ManilaVerse Canon: The Prologue – MWF Open House // Level UP

Written By Mike Shannon, William Elvin Manzano and Tarek El Tayech

MWF Open House: Level Up Promotional Poster, featuring Mr. Lucha.

Prologue: Open House//Level UP (February 25, 2018) 

The MWF roster was revitalized by the announcement of a new management, led by Commissioner Mike Shannon, that promises to take them to a whole new level after a year of putting up shows at the now-defunct Makati Cinema Square. MWF’s new, wider audience at the University of the Philippines Diliman were introduced to the colorful characters of the Manila Wrestling Federation,  the stars of the Philippines’ very first Wrestling AksyoNovela.

Among the scene stealers was “Danger” Rex Lawin, with his career manager Gus Queens, who dominated UP Diliman student RG in a featured match. Meanwhile, the young, brash and confident Frankie Thurteen has immediately made a mark in the MWF by defeating Ashura, who had a bit of an altercation with her fellow grappling trainee, Kyle Sison.

To end the show and to promote the company’s first official big event, “MWF 1: Kasaysayan”, the MWF management held a parade of characters to introduce the MWF roster. However, a loud-mouthed bully from Batasan named Fabio Makisig decided to turn the colorful parade into a big brawl by taunting everyone in the group.

Commissioner Mike Shannon then turned the brawl into an impromptu over-the-top-rope battle royal, and promised the winner to receive the company’s first accolade, the History Maker Award.

The battle royal had two of MWF’s pioneers, Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha, as the last two men standing after Lucha had eliminated top prospect Frankie Thurteen. The need to win the important match fueled Robin Sane to push Mr. Lucha out of the ring, while the “Pride of Sagada”’s back was turned.

The stage is set for MWF’s Year One.