The ManilaVerse Canon – MWF 1: Kasaysayan

Written by Mike Shannon, William Elvin and Tarek El Tayech

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Poster by Manuel Mesina III

An internationally powered Mega Main Event was set for “MWF 1: Kasaysayan”, as the KapaFEDs held their collective breath for the tag team showdown, featuring Mr. Lucha and his wrestling mentor The Eurasian Dragon from Singapore Pro Wrestling facing off against Robin Sane and Hong Kong Wrestling’s Ho Ho Lun, fresh from his WWE Cruiserweight Classic and NXT run.

To start the show, Mr. Lucha congratulated Robin Sane for winning the History Maker Battle Royal. The two men reiterated their strong friendship despite having to face one another that evening. However, Mr. Lucha asked Robin Sane to “remind me not to turn my back on you again, ever”.

Photo by Francis Lumahan

Meanwhile, the usually tough Fabio Makisig has found something to fear: a mysterious ghostly lady who appeared after his match with evangelist Bro. Jomar Liwanag. “Danger” Rex Lawin continues his monstrous destruction, as he purposefully broke the arm of Frankie Thurteen in a one-on-one bout.

We also learned that Kyle Sison and Ashura were under the tutelage of Mr. Lucha. Ever the strict idealist, Lucha chastised his students for acting like kids, forfeiting teamwork and losing to Aldrin Richards and Hanzello Shilva. To publicly teach them a lesson, Mr. Lucha ordered Sison and Ashura to face each other in a humiliating and degrading Pillow Fight at the next show.

Elsewhere, Action Hero Gigz Stryker was trying to enjoy a bowl of menudo and rice in his favorite sidewalk eatery, run by the simple-yet-attractive Geenah. His whole life plays out like a series action movies, with this episode being entitled “Sagot Kita! Anytime, Anywhere”. When UP Diliman’s RG saw Japanese film star Maria Ozawa being mugged at a dark alley, he summoned the help of Gigz, launching a chase with the hoodlums that ended at the MWF venue. Gigz and RG got to return Maria Ozawa’s bag, but Gigz Stryker’s action movie life had just begun.

The ManilaVerse was also properly introduced to the Zen-loving Ninja Ryujin, who is deaf and mute but is extremely skilled in the art of fighting, as well as “The Glitch” Morgan Vaughn, a bizarre character who claims to influence his surroundings through the help of his technologically superior face mask. The two faced off in an exciting and intense bout, with Ninja Ryujin getting the victory.

The incredible Mega Main Event highlighted two of MWF’s pioneers – Mr. Lucha and Robin Sane – who  proved that they belong in the same ring with two of Southeast Asia’s best, Eurasian Dragon and Ho Ho Lun. As the match started, it was apparent that Lun, the father of Hong Kong wrestling, was not interested in being a partner to Robin Sane, but was out to get the win for himself. This lack of teamwork was a stark contrast to the team of Lucha and Dragon, who picked up the first big Main Event of the ManilaVerse canon when the Singapore star pinned Ho Ho Lun, right after Robin Sane performed a big tope con hilo to Mr. Lucha outside the ring.

As the show came to its end, the KapaFEDs saw Ho Ho Lun’s brutality, when he viciously beat Robin Sane down and spit on his History Maker medal, blaming Sane for his loss in the match. As the beatdown got worse and worse, friendship has prevailed over MWF’s top rivalry when Mr. Lucha carried an injured Robin Sane to the back as credits rolled.

The intrigue and chaos MWF 1: Kasaysayan brought to Pinoy wrestling’s table was definitely an indication of things to come.

To Be Continued