MWF Mandirigma Matches Ep. 3 – Ho Ho Lun vs. Robin Sane for the MWF Championship (MWF 10: Republika 2019)

Mga #KapaFED! Narito na ang ikatlong episode ng “MWF Mandirigma Matches”, featuring the MWF Championship match between Ho Ho Lun and Robin Sane from MWF 10: Republika 2019. The match took place at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila, brought to us by Winford Manila Resort and CasinoRetro Con PH and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls!


这是“MWF勇士比赛”的第三集,其中包括来自MWF 10:2019年的Ho Ho Lun和Robin Sane之间的MWF冠军赛。比赛在马尼拉的Lucky Chinatown Mall举行,由Winford Manila Resort带给我们。 Casino,Retro Con PH和Megaworld Lifestyle Malls!