MWF Mandirigma Matches Ep. 3 – Ho Ho Lun vs. Robin Sane for the MWF Championship (MWF 10: Republika 2019)

Mga #KapaFED! Narito na ang ikatlong episode ng “MWF Mandirigma Matches”, featuring the MWF Championship match between Ho Ho Lun and Robin Sane from MWF 10: Republika 2019. The match took place at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila, brought to us by Winford Manila Resort and CasinoRetro Con PH and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls!


这是“MWF勇士比赛”的第三集,其中包括来自MWF 10:2019年的Ho Ho Lun和Robin Sane之间的MWF冠军赛。比赛在马尼拉的Lucky Chinatown Mall举行,由Winford Manila Resort带给我们。 Casino,Retro Con PH和Megaworld Lifestyle Malls!


No Curtains Needed: Socio-Political Storylines, More Titles and 在中国演出

By William Elvin

Greetings from the totally turbulent territory of Hong Kong.

I’m kinda in a heartbroken, angry, frustrated mood right now due to recent happenings, but I’m trying to be in my best behavior for you, kapaFEDs. Let’s go straight to answering questions now, shall we?



Jesse Sabile Manalang Bakit walang mwf show for this month?

Please standby for announcements soon, we’re just finalizing details. But the next major MWF-produced show will be MWF 11: Road to Fate on September 21.


Mykel Sanchez Looking forward to MWF returning to UP soon! Will Ho Ho Lun get sanctioned for disrespecting the championship belt? #BlameItOnTheVillain

We feel bad Ho Ho Lun publicly trashed the MWF Championship belt, but regardless of who’s holding it, it’s due to be redesigned anyway. We don’t know if CoCo Gus wants to sanction Ho Ho, though. :p

As the Monty Python song goes, let’s look at the bright side of life, and be excited about the new MWF Championship design.


Martin Vicencio After the successful outing of both Rex Lawin and JDL a few days ago at HKWF. Will we see MORE MWF stars dropping by Hong Kong for Winter Fever 2020? Or is it too soon to tell?

bonus question: I saw the ‘animated’ video sequence in certain matches (morgan vs. lukas, moises vs. nigel) on the screen last week. Will we see more of those in the next show? I hope so because it does give me some ‘ruthless aggression’ era vibes and good job on MWF’s part to incorporate that last week

We hope to see more MWF stars at Winter Fever 2020 here in Hong Kong, and it is very probable that we will. One thing is sure for now: Rex Lawin is scheduled to come back.

Yes, we will incorporate the video slides during match announcements in our next shows. We’re glad it’s getting positive response from the audience.


Geráld Diola Love the storylines you’re tackling this year! Very real, very entertaining.

But seeing as they’re laced with much sociopolitical flavoring, not everyone might appreciate the current angles.

In light of the GGS’s real-life counterparts, what preparations or precautions are you taking to ensure the promotion’s safety?



Paolo Arriola After the recent show, are there any recent feedback from our government? We love the ongoing storyline, but worried at the same time that MWF will be “sanctioned” in some way…


I firmly believe that if you want to express something, you either go 100% with it or not do it at all. This is the world we want to build, and this is the story we want to tell, so we’re sticking with it – and we’re happy you’re with us for the ride. The goal for MWF creatively was always to mirror Philippine society, like a big satirical, performance art piece, and this is what we’re trying to present. Politics is not the only thing we’re tackling, it’s just part of a larger picture our characters are organically building.

No, we’re not getting complaints from the government, because we’re just a silly wrestling company. :p


Carlo Agoncillo Currently MWF has 1 belt. Will management Allow CoCo Gus to defend his Gus Global championship at MWF shows. And Will Bryan Leo be allowed to bring his AOWW belt to his matches? It’ll be great to see more title bouts.

Bryan Leo will not bring the AOWW belt, and Gus Queens will not bring in his Gus Global title. Both titles do not exist in the ManilaVerse.

Worry not, because more titles may be introduced soonest.


Bruce Kaioh Kailan ba ilalabas sa youtube yung videp ni gigz dun sa venice grand canal mall kung saan eh ginulpi sya ng mga goons?

I’m trying to find the right schedule and timing to upload all the “Ikasa Mo, Ipuputok Ko” segments. So watch out for them!


Benedict Joseph Roxas Saing May tagteam titles po bang ilalabas this year?

It is highly probable. Stay tuned.


Balibagan How come number 1 contender si khayl pero si ho ho lun yung nag title match? –jr

Because that’s the story we’re currently telling.


Mark Manalang 1. Since going global ang MWF, magpapasok ba kayo ng puroresu athlete?

  1. Celebrity deathmatch when?


Tajiri, one of the most established names in Japanese pro wrestling, is part of the MWF Family. We’ll bring in more if their stories can fit the ManilaVerse as much as Tajiri-san’s does.

I’m an older guy, and my memories of Celebrity Deathmatch is on MTV, where claymation versions of celebrities kill each other. Not sure if that’s something we want to do – unless Julia Barretto and Bea Alonzo give us the rights to their images.

Christopher Sandico Pepper After vacationing in a First World Country again, does the MWF Champ also face the same problem as jetsetters?

I haven’t traveled with Ho Ho Lun yet, but I heard that he hates having problems, and that he prefers that everything — absolutely everything — is under his CONTROL.

Jeff Cao 请问, 马尼拉摔跤联合会会不会有节目在香港或大陆吗?



See you again next month after Road to Fate 2019!

MANDIRIGMA MATCHES EPISODE 2 – Ho Ho Lun vs. Robin Sane (MWF 3: Republika 2018)

[Mandirigma Matches Episode 2] Mga #KapaFED! Balikan natin ang naganap last year sa MWF 3: Republika 2018, nang magsagupaan sina Ho Ho Lun from Hong Kong, S.A.R. China at si Robin Sane ng MWF! Ho Ho Lun and Robin Sane will face each other again, this time for the MWF Championship, on Saturday, July 27! #ManilaVerse, magkita-kita tayo sa Lucky Chinatown Mall, 6 PM, para masaksihan ang nagbabagang main event na ito! FREE ADMISSION in partnership with Retro Con PH, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls at Winford Manila Resort and Casino!



MWF Mandirigma Matches – TAJIRI vs. Fabio Makisig

Mga #KapaFED, heto na ang unang episode ng MWF Mandirigma Matches! It’s “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiri vs. MWF’s “Batasan Bully” Fabio Makisig, from MWF 8: Halalan Special at Venice Grand Canal, McKinley Hill, Taguig City (May 18, 2019). Abangan ang mga susunod pang episodes, hosted by Mike Shannon, Sonny Go and Tarek El Tayech! Kung longtime MWF fan ka, anong full match ang gusto mong sunod na mapanood? Let us know in the comments below!

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