#FEDTalks with Joseph Montecillo, William Elvin and Mike Shannon

Episode 1 – MWF 4: Road To Fate

Part 1: Why wasn’t the tsinelas used by Fabio and Jomar? What’s up with Aldrin and Morgan’s wooden plank? Did you miss the bleak, spine-chilling details of Jorelle’s backstory videos? What’s the story behind “Out & About”, wrestling’s first-ever LGBT/Gender Sensitivity segment? Hear the answers first-hand from MWF Creative Heads William Elvin Manzano and Mike Shannon!

Part 2: What do we think about the BDSM fan chants in the Rex Lawin vs. Frankie Thurteen “I Quit” Match? Is Mr. Lucha really an evil man? What happened when Mike Shannon, William Elvin and PWR’s Jake De Leon were together in the same room last Saturday, for the first time in 4 and a half years? What’s the story behind the Ashura and Khayl Sison vignette, where we had audio difficulties? And, what’s up with Hanzello Shilva’s character direction? This is Part 2 of MWF 4: Road To Fate post-show #FEDTalks, hosted by Joseph Montecillo.

Part 3: MWF Creative Team members William Elvin, Mike Shannon, Robin Sane and Tarek El Tayech sit down with Joseph Montecillo to share in-depth insights on how they approach writing for MWF characters, as well as their final thoughts on MWF 4: Road To Fate. If you’re a fan of the local professional wrestling scene, or just a fan of wrestling in general, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind look on MWF’s creative process!